Lilly & Lime begins anew

As you may know, COVID-19 travel restrictions decimated demand for Travel & Leisure apparel leading Lilly & Lime founders Ashleigh and Emma to make the difficult decision to sell the company was made.  

In September 2022, eCommerce Allies, a rag tag group of entrepreneurs based in Colorado USA stepped in to bring back Lilly & Lime, and carry on the mission of liberating well-endowed women to be bold, beautiful and love every part of themselves.

It is with much gratitude and excitment that we can announce Ash and Emma are staying on to ensure Lilly & Lime swimwear continues to deliver everything you have come to love about it. 

Challenges and Solutions

eCommerce is full of challenges, so, with your help, we’d like to do things a bit differently.   

Ethical & Sustainable
We’re introducing recycled fabric and recyclable packaging.  These are the first step on a long road to doing what’s right in our world.

Small Batch Inventory
We will restock the most popular products and get these back online so our most beloved swimsuits are available again.

New Product Development
We’ll also be tapping into our loyal customer base to work on delivering against what is really wanted.  When we’ve nailed a concept, past customers will hear about it first, and have the first chance to buy it as well.  If you have not purchased from us yet, no worries, people who sign up to “Whats In Store” will be next to be notified.  

We Have a Cause

Part of the eCommerce Allies concept is to do good, and we love Days for Girls (USA & Australia) who are ensuring periods are never a problem for girls around the world.  Each purchase will help fund shattering the stigma of menstration and supporting the 81 teams in Australia and 372 teams in the USA who produce the menstruation kits.



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Thank you so much for all of your help in getting me the correct size bikini. It was so useful to be able to send you my measurements and be told my perfect size! I absolutely love my bikini. 


It was my very first time purchasing a swimsuit online. But I did a size check with the wonderful team and they told me which size to order. They were totally on the money! My bikini arrived and fit me PERFECTLY.



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