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Full disclosure, all honesty…we aren’t bra fit specialists. We’re just two girls with big boobs that started our own swimwear line because we needed it…and hopefully the world needs it to! Everything on this page has been learned through experience of having bra fittings and shopping for our big boobs since we started wearing bras.

The fit of your bikini is just as important as your bra. We can’t stress this enough.  Our first suggestion to buying the correct size bikini is to know your bra size.  If you haven’t been measured recently, you should go and have a bra fitting immediately.  Our bodies change so much with weight gain/loss, pregnancy, breast feeding etc. So as ladies with larger busts, it is always worth having this done regularly…especially as both bras and bikinis in our sizes are not cheap. Ash has fluctuated her whole life from a 32E to a 30HH, even a J when breastfeeding, back down to a 30F and then…back up again!! Currently a 30G! Emma…well after getting her body back after having two kids she's gone down to a 30D.