Mary Poppins knew it, Dora the Explorer knows it, and we all know it – the contents of your bag can save the day! Especially when it comes to a day at the beach with the kids, what goes into your beach bag can be the difference between a sweet day out or a full-blown dramallama stampede.

We reckon we know a thing or two about beach life with our precious poppets. This knowledge has been hard won through years of trial and error, and we want to share it with you so you can avoid the sweaty, sunburned screaming that accompanied our serious, scientific research.

These are the actual contents of our beach bags. We’ve literally tipped their contents upside down, dusted off a comical amount of sand, and listed what was inside. Snotty tissues and all.

Inside Emma’s beach bag

Beach bag essentials

- Lilly & Lime wet bag for wet cossies (every one of our orders gets sent out in a L&L wet bag) – when it’s time to pack up I like to peel off those bad boys, put them away, and not worry they’re going to soak through to my mobile phone!

- Lilly & Lime wet bag with all our sun creams

Coola Factor SPF 30 for body

Coola Factor SPF 50 mineral for face

- Special cream for the kids – Tilly gets eczema

- At the moment I’m loving Supine towels and the Turkish towels we bought in Turkey this year – they don’t hold sand people, I repeat, they don’t hold sand! This makes them super light, great for when you have to carry four towels like I do and your straw handles are about to break off!

S’well water bottles for the family – they keep your water cold for ages and hot tip: a large bottle can fit a bottle of wine. You’re welcome ;)

- Phone – I’m that embarrassing person who makes my husband or the kids take photos of me on the beach in L&L J

- Always a hat – my new obsession is Lack of Color

Drunk Elephant lip balm with sunscreen

- Always Havianas for the beach

- Beach toys for the kids

- Snacks for the kids – what is it about water play that makes kids insanely ravenous??

- Snorkel and goggles

 Inside Ash’s beach bag

- Two Lilly & Lime wetbags - one with sunscreen and one with goggles, wet cossies, etc.

We Are Feel Good Inc factor 50 coconut suncream

- We Are Feel Good Inc zinc wipes

- Lip suncream  - Can't live without it, I HATE sunburnt lips!


The Beach People roundie

- Kenyan Kikoy – if you’re not familiar with these beauties, they’re a beach trip multi-purpose lifesaver! They’re a single piece of cloth that can be a sarong, a towel, a blanket, or all of the above!

- No toys – I have to take a whole other bag for the beach toys ;)

- Kindle - never get to read it

- Magazine - never get to read it. I’m an optimist, what can I tell you?!

- Lilly & Lime spotted cards – to hand out to big boobed babes on the beach if I see any - watch out ;)

- Phone, purse, and keys

- Snacks and fruit for the kids

Sunnydip Lack of Color hat – I’m also obsessed, whatever will I get this year?

Your beach bag is sorted!

What did you think of our list? We hope there were more than a few things in there that might become your new faves for when you next hit the beach.

You probably noticed that we like to be prepared, be comfortable, have fun, and look good while doing it. Being near the water is such a source of joy for both of us, having all our goodies on hand means we can just relax and enjoy ourselves.

Let us know what your beach bag essential items are, we’d love to know what you can’t live without!

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