Here’s a popular one doing the rounds:

How do you get a bikini body?

1) Put a bikini on your body
2) Stop giving a sh*t about what everyone else thinks

To that we say, f*ck yeah! When we see messages like these getting viral love on the interwebs we feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It means that women out there, including fellow babes with large busts, are living for themselves and not being held back by fear and judgement. Often that judgement doesn’t come from others, but from within, when little mean voices say cruel things about our bodies.

To those voices, wherever they come from, we say this: we don’t need you. We would rather enjoy our lives. We’d rather play with our families and friends. We’d rather have the wine and cheese. So you can take your snarky, kill-joy BS and rack off!

Do you know what we DO need? We need to be comfortable. That’s it.

That’s where we come in! We’re going to tell you exactly how to find the right fit for your swimsuit, but first, let’s take a hilarious/embarrassing walk down memory lane.

When good swimsuits go bad

Does this sound familiar?

After an epic shopping hunt, you’ve finally found a one-piece swimsuit that fits. It looks great on and you are so stoked you pay that excessive $200+ dollars on the price tag. Excited, you get it home ready for a day in the pool with the kids. You get this bad boy on, and lo and behold, by the time you drive to the local pool you have nothing but a giant monoboob! 

What was I thinking?! It was too good to be true… a great looking suit with a secret support shelf (the secret was that the shelf is not made for boobs bigger than a D cup that have produced milk for more than one babe). The suit had nothing to separate the bust so of course you end up with a mono breast, and now the girls are almost at your belly button with a secret support separation line. Thanks but no thanks secret support!!!

(This was a completely hypothetical story courtesy of the creative mind of Ash.)

 Ash in Lilly & Lime

Em on the other hand has heaps of harrowing funny stories about what happens when you can’t get the right fit for your swimsuit:

“One actually happened when we had the idea to start the business; yes, at THAT infamous party. We were at our friend’s hen’s weekend away, and I was lying around the pool in a size 18 top. How and why had this happened? I’d had to cut the clasp off and tied the back badly because it was the only way I could find a top in a bright fun colour. The lengths we go to, right?”

One more:

“Another really embarrassing story from when I was a teenager, wearing a white string bikini (as you can only do when you are 16). I went for a swim in the sea and popped up from under a wave with half my boob hanging underneath my top just as a boy I really fancied was walking towards me into the water. I wanted to be swallowed up!”

If these three cautionary tales aren’t enough to prove that the right fit is a big ass deal, let’s go a little deeper.

Emma in Lilly & Lime

Why the right fit matters

Finding the correct fit and support is super important for women with large busts. Without the proper support for our bust and backs, our skin can stretch which can cause irreversible damage. Plus, if you feel like your swimsuit is securely holding you in and up, it not only boosts your boobs but also your confidence so we can be the best versions of ourselves!

Also, just like ill-fitting bras are hell for busty women, badly-fitting swimsuits can cause great problems. If the band around your ribs is loose, it will slowly ride up your back, which will allow your shoulders to roll forward. This then causes tension and pain in your upper back muscles or between the shoulder blades. This is an issue we often hear from our customers who are looking for a better option.

Both our one-piece and two-piece swimsuits provide the necessary support for women with a D cup and up – IF you pick one that fits your unique body.

How to find the right fit for your swimsuit

The basics are the key to finding your right fit. Here’s a video we put together with Brenda, our superstar pattern-maker, which shows you how to accurately take your measurements for a swimsuit.

On that same page, because we’re nothing if not helpful, you’ll also find our handy dandy Size Check Form that you can fill out, and we then get back to you with size recommendations. 

Also, because we’re not stuffing around when we say that proper fit is extremely important, we also have a Size Check Calculator where you can enter either your measurements or your bra size and it will give you your recommended Lilly & Lime size: 

Finally, because you might just want more details or you have specific requests, you can always send us a direct message and we’re more than happy to help with fitting and sizing queries.

But wait, THERE’S MORE! All our sizing information also covers your bottom half – you can’t just be 50% comfortable! Once you’ve found your right size, you can pick the bottom that’s right for you. From our full coverage and high waisted options (that’s our High Waisted Brief and Full Brief) to skimpy and cheeky (that’d be our Hipster Tie Brief and Hipster Brief), and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Or uncovered. Whatever stirs your mojito.

One-pieces and bikinis that suit D cup and up perfectly

So there you have it, everything you need to understand why fit is important, and the tools to find your ideal Lilly & Lime fit. As we always say, the swimsuit should fit the body, not the other way around.

Now go and get outside L&L babes! There’s nothing holding you back – and you’ve got us holding you up ;) 

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