It’s a little crazy to think we thought being sun smart was slapping on some factor 2 tanning oil and lying on our friends tennis court to see who could get the deepest shade of brown – eeek. We really had no idea what we were doing to our bodies, it actually makes us cringe and feel a little nauseous at the thought of European holidays in our early 20’s when the main aim was come home with a tan. Think strategic timed front/back sun lounger time (for the all over tan of course), to only going shopping or exploring the town on a cloudy or rainy day. Even lunch under an umbrella was a no go some days.
Thankfully we’ve learnt a lot over the last few years and here’s hoping the true extent of our time in the sun only really shows it’s self in our late 80’s – ha ha, what are the chances?!
We have started to include some swimwear styles which are more protective, so you don’t need to worry about the sun, as much, and all our fabrics are UPF50 so if you are covered up, no need for sunscreen.
Rash Guard
Lilly & Lime rash guard
The perfect add on to any bikini or one piece. The beauty of this is you don’t have to wear it all the time and can pop it in your beach bag and only wear it when you’re in the sun or need more coverage. It’s great for when you’re also planning on doing something a little more active and don’t want anything falling out – Em’s worn hers snorkelling and water skiing and Ash wears hers every week for kids swimming lessons.
Our Rash Guard is designed for a bigger bust so it won’t be too tight or stretched over the bust. And to make it another addition to your swimwear draw, mix and match it so you’ve got a completely new look.
Cap Sleeve One Piece
 Lilly & Lime Cap Sleeve One Piece 
Our chest is one of the first places to get burnt (and wrinkled) when we’re out in the sun, so the high neck and cap sleeves will protect your neck and shoulders. It’s got underwire, shelf support and a clasp at the back and neck to lift your bust and accentuate your waist. It can be worn higher on the leg or pulled down for more modesty.
The Cap Sleeve One Piece is super sleek and sexy as well as functional, a win win.
High Neck Top
Lilly & Lime High Neck Top
This sporty little number is very comfortable, it’s got underwire, shelf support and straps that can be worn crossed over for more support.
The high neck line protects your chest but the thin straps accentuate your shoulders and still gives you the option to wear a bikini.
Skincare & accessories
Lilly & Lime sun smart hats
We’re also avid hat wearers and factor 30 or 50 sunscreens only as well as regular skin checks.
Currently we’re loving the Lack of Color hats – they have wide brim hats as well as hats perfect for cruising around the town. Em’s favourite is currently the Spencer and the the Ultra Wide Spencer Boater for beach days, Ash wore her Sunnydip all Summer long. Packing them for holidays can be a pain but Em’s trick is to pack underwear and socks into it so the shape holds and then pack it surrounded by clothes into your suitcase.
Lilly & Lime sun smart sunscreen
There are a few sunscreens we like to use when we know we are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, Coola –it’s organic sun care and mineral range, and we are feel good for both sunscreens and after sun body moisturiser. 
In our day to day skincare routine we both use sunscreen.
We hope there were more than a few things in there that might help and protect you from the sun.
We both love spending time in the sun, so these are just a few tips we use to protect ourselves so we can still enjoy those long Summer days at the beach.
Let us know what you use, we’re always on the lookout for new things. 

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